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A Long Time Ago In A Galaxy Far Far Away...

A mother brought into the world a ridiculous mass of flesh known only as Lee Joseph. LJ was an odd child who was obsessed with dinosaurs and listened to a lot of 50s, 60s, and 70s music.The music was his biggest comfort in a weary world.


His first brush with what would become the love of his life was a twisted brass tube known as a trombone. To be honest, he never liked playing it much. But he came from a very musical family, and the creature titled "mother" seemed to find his interactions with this tube to be of some importance. So he stuck with it. He didn't really fit in with the other small Earth creatures but his oddity was eventually found endearing, and he managed to make it to what is known as "high school."  


Upon reaching this mythic world of body odor and big boy feelings, he found himself again tied to this tube. This time he had become embroiled in an organized syndicate of musicality known as a "marching band." These ruffians would march out onto the turf of the rival sporting gangs and assert dominance using loud noises. They generally seemed to get a pretty good response from the bleacher dwelling neutrals. Then one Christmas, the parental units decided to provide LJ with the an object that would basically shape the course of his future. This piece of oddly shaped wood with strings nailed to it, known only as "guitar," would become the love of his life.


At first it was very frustrating. The strings made his fingers bleed, but the sounds were intoxicating as they became more pronounced. He slowly became able to play those great songs that had been the foundation of his contentment in youth. Hours melted away and callouses developed on his fingers. The love of this hunk of wood grew and more of them were purchased.


Hanging out in a music store one day, another maker of sound approached LJ. This "Brad" creature began to lament his inability to find a member for his 4-person musical gang to play a specific type of guitar. This guitar was similar in nature to his beloved six string but had fewer strings and created a mighty rumble instead of the higher pitched roar he was used to. Overcome with a desire to play with this gang, LJ took on the "bass" guitar.


This band played the songs of other more famous makers of sound, and it was fun. This was far more satisfying than playing the metal tube in a gang. LJ decided the bass clef was where he belonged. Then, with some luck, the large musical syndicate heard of his choice to play the 4-stringed beast and decided to have him do so for their group as well.  This completely changed his love for playing in the syndicate, and LJ became much more enamored with his new 4-stringed friend.


Eventually, LJ began to seek less popular forms of noise.  He joined a new group and began playing what was known as "metal."  This band did not simply play the songs of others but played songs all their own. LJ had done this at home but never with other people, and he found an even more heightened joy at the possibilities before him. The thing he had once felt somewhat forced to do was now all he wanted out of life. The mother creature had been right all along.  


After high school, LJ went to college and played here and there with a few groups for parties but nothing too substantial. He fell on some hard times in his life and the love of his life was pushed aside for what he felt were more pressing matters. He never finished college and floated through life for a while. He never fully stopping playing but was definitely not giving it the attention it deserved. Excuses clouded the issue, and life got in the way.  


Over the years LJ felt something was very much missing in his life. On urging from the parental units, LJ decided to return to college to finish. He went this time to the mystical land of Indianapolis for his studies. He excelled here far from the land of booze and bad choices (Muncie, IN). As he settled in, he began to go out to see other noisemakers locally. At first he was an anonymous face among these creatures, but upon discussions he found a gang called Downfall that was looking for a four-string warrior, and he decided to try the gang thing again. He immediately felt the love he had been missing and realized, without doubt, this was his true calling in the world.


Downfall had trouble with membership, so LJ began searching for another gang to join. He eventually landed with a gang known as Pragmatic. Pragmatic had an exceptional noise, and many creatures came to stare at them as they made it. Some would find this staring disconcerting, but LJ seemed to gain strength from it. It melted away his awkwardness and made him feel as though his oddity could be more than merely tolerated, but accepted. He found himself very much welcomed into these creatures’ society known as “the Indianapolis music scene.” Many great times were had and copious amounts of the elixir "Jagermeister" were consumed.


As time went on, some disagreements within the gang had began to make LJ feel unhappy. He wanted to take that exceptional noise and spread it across the Earth. But the rest of the gang had circumstances which made this hard for them. This itch grew in LJ, and eventually an opportunity arose to move to a new land known around the world as a place for noise makers to thrive. LJ thought, if there was one place in the world he could find a gang willing to "tour," it was here. With a heavy heart but determined mind, he left his home in Indianapolis and trekked to the distant kingdom of Austin, TX.


Austin was a magical place that seemed to have an endless stream of noise makers seeking that dream of tour as LJ was. Sadly, as is often the case with magical kingdoms, the costs of residing in this kingdom began to mount quickly. After some bad luck, poor job opportunities, and little progress, LJ found himself beaten and ready to return to the land of his forefathers.


Upon returning to the remote world of Southeast Indiana where he was born, LJ began to feel very down and began to regret his choice to leave Indianapolis in the first place. He briefly moved back to Indianapolis then made an attempt to move to Nashville, but never fully committed. He decided to stay near his family outside the kingdom of "Cincinnati," and he got a regular job.


He still felt the urge to play, so he began to jam with a few bands.  But little fruit was born of the ventures.  

Then, one cold winter eve while scrolling through the book of Face, an old friend tagged him in a post from a gang of melodic masters located in the Cincinnati kingdom. They were seeking a new bass basher as their previous bassist departed for new adventures. LJ had played shows with this band before and thought highly of their noise making skills. He made up his mind that he would do what it took to become the new bassist for this gang.  

LJ did become a member of Lift The Medium, and he is excited for future prospects like never before. The rest of this fable is yet to be written. We hope you will be part of the story.

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